Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Training starts again!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know, I train to fight in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I took my first fight on just 6 days notice and won in 34 seconds. Whenever the XCC gets the site up and running you can watch the video. They do have some pics (2 I think) on the site if you look under previous fights and under XCC 2 in Pontiacs Clutch Cargos.

A little background first. I get asked daily why I do it. The answer is very simple. To me, fighting is our generation’s version of playing chess. I love the strategy that goes into a fight. He is good on the ground, so I will fight him this way. He is good standing up, so I will fight him this way. He is good with his hands, so I will fight him this way. He is taller than me, so I will fight him this way. He is shorter; I will fight him this way. It’s all a game of chess. Some idiots are out there that say “I fight so I can punch someone in the face”. One they are bad for the sport. Two they will never get to the top if that is the only goal they set forth. Going into my last fight I had one plan in my head. 30 minutes before I stepped into the cage I had to change everything. My idea was that in my division (155 lb lightweight) that I would be on the bigger size. I was wrong; the guy I found out I was going to be fighting was 6 foot 4 inches and walked around at about 172 lbs. The fight always changes and that is what is so exciting. One person can be totally dominating the other and it just takes one mistake or punch or kick missed or just a few inches off target and it could be just enough to make the fight go the other way.

Some of you who read this say Mike Lu 155lbs??? I know I have walked around most of my life around 185-190 lbs and for those of you who knew me in my heavy weight lifting days I was 225 lbs with only 6% body fat. I changed a few things in my diet and changed everything in how I work out and now I am much smaller. My diet secret is basically eat every 2 hours, 100 calories or less each time (obviously low fat) then for dinner I usually have grilled chicken a vegetable and a baked potato. I lost over 100 lbs doing this. I had gotten up to 257 lbs about 2 years ago. I broke another limb and had surgery and was laid up. My parents were really sick and work was stressful as hell. I had a 40 inch waist. Now I sport a 29 inch waist. I feel great.

So what does training me for me? Means I am going to be tired and hurting everyday…….but it’s worth it to me. One of my favorites (and biggest butt kicker) is to run the stairs at Bloomer state park. I can’t remember how many stairs are on the path but someone once told me like 200 or something like that. So what do I do? At the top of the stairs I put a resistance band and some hand weights at the top. I run down with a backpack full of 45 lbs worth of weights (if I am feeling really stupid I put on the 2 lb wrist weights and 10 lb ankle weights too) on my back. I run down, and then up. Once I hit the top I drop the back pack and do various things such as 100 punches with the resistance band or 100 sit ups or 100 curls (always 100), then once the 100 is done I put the back pack back on and back down and then up and change to another exercise. I basically do that until I can hardly walk back up the stairs then I know I am done. I will do this 2 to 3 times a week. This does not include weight lifting, and going to class (Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

So maybe you will see me at Bloomer running up the stairs or puking over the railing. I will post when my next fight date is set in stone.