Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election is over......FINALLY!!!!!!

Well the election is finally over. No more fliers on my door, all the ads on TV or people coming to my door asking me to vote for them. I am glad it is all over with. I am always glad when the vote I cast is the one that wins. The same held true for this election. I did vote for Barack Obama but as I am happy for what I believe we will get with him as president, I am also concerned about the votes that were cast for and against him.

I have heard and even had conversations with African Americans who voted for him only because he was black. Some didn't even know who his running mate was or any of the issues he was for or against. To me that is just stupid and those people should not even be able to vote unless they are completely educated about the views. A person should not see a name on a ballot, just the views they are for and you select that way. On the other side we have white people who wouldn't vote for him just because he was black knowing he is a better fit for our country but still wouldn't just because of the color of his skin. The same rule applies above.

I am so tired of watching the TV and people crying about the first African American president and this and that. He is just a man. The second you put someone on a different pedestal that is when it is different. The second you say we will have the Black Music Awards or black Miss America contest is the second you saying you are/want to be unlike everyone else and you are NOT equal. I still ponder on how that is ok to have because if someone came up with the White Music Awards they would have Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton on the steps in protest. This is a double standard. That is not equality. Who cares if he is black? The color of his skin had zero influence on my vote and it should have had zero influence on any one Americans vote. For the first time in my presidential voting history (this was my 4th) I actually voted for someone I liked and believed in. In the past, I have never been crazy for anyone I have voted for, I just voted for who sucked less. That's horrible that, once a candidate gets that far they still cannot be the best choice. This is actually a vote I walked out of the booth feeling I actually made the right choice. For the first time in my voting history I actually felt proud of my vote and felt good to be an American and the person who was elected is actually going to make a difference.

For all the hate mail I will get for this I will say these few things about my vote to stop some of the mail. For those of you who say Barack does not have enough experience let me say two words for you "Sarah Palin". Being the governor of Alaska is about as much experience as a little coach. Let's not kid ourselves, John McCain is no spring chicken and the fact that she would be running the country scares me about as much as Bush running another 4 years. Second...experience......look where all that experience got us. Bush coming from a family of experience drove this country into the ground with his war and his gas prices. So don't say experience is a necessarily a good thing. You know what I like about Obama not having experience? It's the fact that he owes nobody anything. Most "veterans" of politics owe so many people because of all the back door deals and had shakes that got them to the presidency. This guy has none of that. He is just going to move forward for what is right, not for because he owes someone something.

They say race has been Americans sin. Well I think that is not the case anymore. This election showed if you're black or white, male or female, you have a shot to represent the United States in highest regard. So I hope we can put to rest he was black or he was white or male or female. How about the best person is representing the country and leave it at that. This election has given me and many people around the world hope for our country again.