Thursday, March 5, 2009

Verizon Customer Sevice SUCKS!!!!!!

I get my usually text message telling me my bill is ready for review. I am shocked when I see it because it is an additional $500 than the usual bill. This is very odd to me because I have unlimited text, data and voice minutes. So my bill is always the same amount. So I login to my account to see what is up. It says $499 for equipment charges. I think what in the hell is this, I haven't bought any equipment. So I think maybe some fraud on my account?? I email those wonderful people at customer service. Now, it took almost two days to get back to me. The reply was that fact that I did not return my broken device. I think to myself. Wow that was back in mid December when my Blackberry Storm stopped working so I got a replacement. I put it back in the box and two days later dropped it off at FedEx. Now the fun begins.

So I kept a copy of the tracking number because I always have such a great experience with Verizon (sarcasm if you did not catch that). So I go to and type in the tracking number. It shows I dropped it off two days after I got it. It shows it was delivered to Verizon three days later. It also shows it was signed for. Those great people at FedEx also have a downloadable pdf version of the signature. A few things are coming to mind. First why would they not email, or text message or call to say they never received it? They send text messages for everything else they are trying to sell me. I mean the instructions in the box said I had 10 days from receipt of new phone to return it. Wouldn't you think after 10 days they would get hold of me? Nope, let's just slap that on your bill. Now another thing comes to mind. Wow are they lazy, they didn't even check the number themselves? I have to imagine that they must have a way to link my account number to the tracking number sticker they put in the box for me to put on the box and send back to them. If they don't, then hey Verizon send me a text, I will write you some software!!!

At this point I am less than pleased with Verizon. So I reply back to the email with the tracking number included in the body and I even attached the pdf document which shows the tracking information (when it left, when arrived and when it was signed) with a copy of the signature. I then get an email back saying I have forwarded it to our investigations team and I can call and find out the status. I don't care what happens in your investigation…..clearly they have a thief working within. As far as my concern is, the status at this point is take the $500 off my bill. So I send another email saying, I could care less what happens in your investigation, the tracking number shows I sent it, you got it, you singed for it and who signed for it, case closed on my end. I get another wonderful email saying, sorry I can't take it off your bill until the investigation is over, oh and by the way we have new promotions that you qualify for. Are you kidding me? I am about to walk, and you are not resolving an issue that is clearly some s*** bag you have working for your company has stolen equipment and you are blaming me when I have the smoking gun in pdf format and you are trying to sell me on services????

My thought on this is if your IQ is below 2, you automatically qualify for a job at Verizon. So kids, when your parents said you better stay in school or you will work at the car wash, things are looking up. You can work at Verizon and get some sweet discounts on cell phone service.
What sucks about this is Verizon phone service is great. This is not the first time. They have pulled crap like this in the past. Seems every few months they do something ignorant. I had a problem before and I got a call from a local rep. I called her right back and all I heard while it should have been ringing was some rap music. I think, wow this is professional. She doesn't pick up. 2 days later she calls and said sorry she has been off work…..then why call me?? Then the district manager called & left me a voicemail telling me how bad his day was and how he was sorry he did not get back to me in a few days. I am like…I care about your day, let me tell you about the horrible customer service I got at one of your stores. I still have the voicemail saved & should post that on my site. I hope one of the other company's get some more cell tower coverage because I will be outie so fast.