Monday, September 29, 2008

Love My Country, Hate My Government!!!

The country has been on a steady economic decline for many years. Were at war (or whatever political thing to say is going on since we never want to use the word War) in the Middle East, Merrill Lynch goes down. The Dow plummets to its all time record drop of 778 points today. Come to find out it is because Democrats and Republicans can't play nice with each other. An MSN article says that "Republicans blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a partisan speech before the vote. The Democrats blamed the Republicans for putting ideology before country." I think people in Washington need to grow a little bit thicker skin and loose some of the egos because it is not yourself who gets hurt when you want to have a political pissing match, it is millions of Americans. Just remember, you were not put in place to have an ego and show everyone you are important, you were put in place to be a voice for the American people and look out for our best interests.

I hear stories of how people with perfect credit can't get loans because the banks won't take the risk of giving them because of stupid stunts by our government like today. Now I know I am no financial wizard but I am positive that money does not grow on trees. So if it does not grow on trees then people have to spend it. How can people spend it, if the banks won't give it thus leading to the country never getting back up financially? Now I am not saying that passing this bill was going to fix the economy, but even single cell organism could have figured out that in this very touchy time that this would have resulted in disaster on Wall Street.

Next time you don't want to pass a bill that effects millions of lives because you want to show someone that you're more important to them, do the country a favor and go punch yourself in the face. If you have a problem going through with it, I am sure many volunteers would line up around the block to help you with that task.

I keep hearing we are over in Iraq to keep gas prices down…………ummm again the non-financial wizard I am could tell you that they have steadily been going up since we stepped foot on the soil and long before that. Or what kills me is how they sway the information on where we get oil from. When we are at War in Iraq, we get "80% of U.S oil comes from Iraq", but when a hurricane hits the Gulf of Mexico, gas prices shoot up because we get "80% of U.S. oil comes from the Gulf". What's next, a monsoon hits Thailand and now prices go up because we "get 80% of U.S oil comes from Thailand".

This works perfect for the government, I wonder how it would work for me at work. I never missed a day of work, brought in tons of business, got tons of certifications I should get a raise. Or, I missed at least 1 day each week over the past year, I pissed of tons of customers, am because I missed so much work, my skill set actually went backwards, I should get a raise. Funny how ridiculous that sounds but when you put it in perspective, it is the truth.

I am tired of watching someone question President Bush about the economy and he says something like, I didn't know the economy was bad. I am thinking how many advisors do you have? I don't have any advisors and I could have told you that the economy was crap. Oh wait; he is an oil man…so $4 a gallon….his pockets sees no affect of rising gas prices and the slow drain on the economy.